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Teams, players and personalities from our rich history

Championship team of 1982
Championship team of 1989
Championship team of 1999
Championship team of 2002
Championship team of 2004
Other players since 1975
Committee members past and present

The Class of '82

In 1982 St Clarets competed in their first ever Intermediate County Final when they took on the emerging Tir Chonaill Gaels in the October decider at Ruislip. Sadly, in the final the Donegal men proved too strong for the young Clarets side, which contained no fewer than 13 London born players, and ran out 1-8 to 0-5 winners.


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Tommy Quigley



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Eamonn O Shea Paul Treanor Kevin O Shea

     Eamonn                 Paul                   Kevin
     O'Shea               Treanor              O Shea

John Carney Seamus Waites Brendan Collins

      John                  Seamus              Brendan
     Carney                Waites               Collins


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Kevin Gilmartin Mark Mellett

     Kevin                   Mark
    Gilmartin             Mellett


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John Flanagan Denis McCarthy Dave Rowe Laurence Forde

      John                   Denis                  Dave               Laurence
    Flanagan            McCarthy             Rowe                 Forde

John Carey Brendan Walsh Kevin Platt

      John                  Brendan              Kevin
      Carey                 Walsh                 Platt

The Class of '89

In 1989 St Clarets won their first ever county title when they defeated St Anthonys 2-10 to 0-12 in the final of the Intermediate Championship. The following players represented the club throughout that season.


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  Eamon                  Tommy              John                      Paul                  Colm            Colin
  O'Shea                Quigley            McCarthy               Treanor             Lynott          Keane

    John                    John                 Adrian               Brendan                  Ray
  Carney                  Kelly                 Adair                  Boyle                  Cryan



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      Kevin              Martin
   Gilmartin         Hession



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     Denis                   Danny                Ollie                 John                    Gerry
  McCarthy              Grehan               Walsh               Carey                   Lynott

     Declan              Tony               Kevin               Gerry                Liam
     Ryan            O'Sullivan          Lynott            O'Connell            Foley

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In 1999 St Clarets reached their third Intermediate Football Championship Final, this time to face a highly fancied Moindearg. Against the odds and under the leadership of Tyrone man Tony “Spinner” McLaughlin RIP St Clarets lifted the IFC title for the second time.


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      Paul Myers



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 Dermot        John             John              Brian
 Wallace    Coughlan        Kelly             Tansey

       Gerry              Donncha               Matt
        Daly                 Ryder                 Kelly



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       Stevan                   Colm
       Sherry                  Lynott



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     Tony             Mark           Martin       Stephen
   Murphy       Stockton      Hession      Finnegan

   Mickey          Gerry            Colin             Denis
McConomy      Lynott           Keane           McCarthy

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In 2002 St Clarets reached their first ever Senior Championship Final where they met old rivals St Brendans. Sadly the club were not to be successful on that occasion, but it marked a massive step forward for the club. The following players represented the club throughout that Championship campaign.


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        Paul                     Brian
       Myers                  Tansey



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 Dermot        Tony            Alec               Stevan                    Colm
 Wallace   Coughlan    MacIndoe          Sherry                   Lynott

       Gerry              Mark                Donncha                Dan                     Mark
        Daly            Knowles              Ryder                Keating                Burgess



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   Declan       Brian
McGeeney   MacNeice



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     Tony                 Joe                 Erik              Matt            Martin
   Murphy          McKeown           Kinlon           Kelly          Hession

   Mickey             John              Gerry          Stephen
McConomy     McDermott        Lynott         Finnegan

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In 2004 St Clarets defeated Round Towers in the Intermediate Championship Final by a scoreline of 1-8 to 1-6. The following players represented the club throughout that Championship campaign.


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    Aidan                   Finbar              John                    Stevan                  Colm
  Donaghy               O'Reilly            Ryan                   Sherry                   Lynott

    Eamon            Paddy              Donncha              Dan                Gerry
  Colleran         Donaghy             Ryder               Keating         McMurrow



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      Derek              Brian
   McMahon         MacNeice



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    Tony          Paddy           Marty             Martin           Dan
   Murphy      Quinn          Hughes          Hession          Sheehan

    Patrick            Erik             John                Gerry                 Seamus
    Lynott          Kinlon        McDermott          Lynott             Coppinger

     Martin                John
    Falvey                Kelly


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Pen-pics of Past Players


Colm made his debut for the senior club back in the mid 1980s and is still a member of the senior squad now, although 2011 has been the first year that he hasn't been a regular starter. Colm starred for the London minor team in '86 and '87 and had no difficulty cementing down a place in the Clarets' half back line for the '89 Championship success.

Having come up through the youth ranks, Colm has represented London with distinction at minor, U-21 and senior level and in his time with the Clarets has won two Intermediate Championship medals and a Tipperary Cup as well as playing in the club's only ever Senior Final in 2002.

A tenacious defender, Colm also spent some time in midfield, but has always been most comfortable at the heart of the defence in the No.6 position. Now that his playing career is drawing to a close, Colm is following in his own father's footsteps by running the under age section of the club. His own son, also Colm, was a key member of the club's all-conquering U-14 team in 2011.

Colm is one of four Lynott brothers to have played senior for St Clarets.

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Galway born Martin is probably the club's most recognised and celebrated player over the past 20 years.

Having joined the club in 1986 from his home club Kilkerrin / Clonbern, Martin quickly made a impression with the football watchers in London and by 1989 he had represented London at U-21, Junior and Senior level. His time with the London Juniors included playing in Croke Park in the All Ireland Final in 1988.

In 1989 he was captain of the side that lifted the club's first Intermediate Championship and ten years late he was still in the team as they lifted their second.

Quiet and unassuming, Martin was still being called upon by the London senior team in 2001, 12 years after making his debut.

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Gerry shot to prominence for St Clarets by scoring a total on nine-goals en-route to helping the club win their first ever Intermediate Championship back in 1989. Still a teenager at the time, Gerry proved to be an effective spearhead to the attack that year.

One of the four Lynott brothers to have played senior for St Clarets, he has represented London at minor, U-21 and senior level with distinction, and was also part of the team that won the club's second Intermediate title in 1999.

In more recent years, Gerry has been troubled by persistent injuries and his availability has been limited.

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Other players to represent the club with distinction

Paul Armstrong

Darren Barber (Sligo)
Oisin Barrett (Donegal)
John Bennett (Meath)
John Bradley (Donegal)
Brian Brady (Tyrone)
Alan Browne
Colin Browne
Mark Browne (London)
Richard Burke (London)
Donal Butler (Leitrim)
Andrew Byrne

Steve Campbell (London)
David Callanan (London)
Kevin Callinan (London)
Barry Carolan (London)
Tim Carty (London)
Danny Collins (London)
Eamonn Collins (London)
Niall Comer (London)
Joe Corcoran (Cork)
Martin Corcoran (Cork
Joe Cummins (Offaly)
Noel Cummins (Offaly)
Seamus Curran RIP (London)

Phil Daly (Cavan)
Ricky Daly (Galway)
Paul Davis (Roscommon)
Joe Delaney (Offaly)
Joe Delaney (London)
Ronan Delahunty (Dublin)
Denis Diggins (London)
Padraig Donegan (Kerry)
Stephen Donoghue (Galway)
Jim Dowling (Limerick)
Tim Downey (London)
David Doyle (Sligo)
John Doyle (Tyrone)

Daniel Falvey (Kerry)
Kavan Fitzpatrick (London)
Kieran Fitzpatrick
Cormac Fitzpatrick (Cavan)
Kavan Fitzpatrick (London)
Mark Flanagan (London)
James Forde (London)

Tom Gillespie
Adrian Gilmore (Westmeath)
Tomas Gilmore (Galway)

James Hanna (Tyrone)
John Heaney (Derry)
John Hickey (Cork)
Michael Hickey (Cork)
Rob Hickey
Eamonn Hughes (Tyrone)

Michael Joyce (Galway)

Mark Keane (London)
Kieran Kelly (Galway)
Sean Killeen (London)
Roary Kineavey

Joe Leahy (London)
Stephen Linehan (Cork)
Sonny Liston (London)
Shane Long(Cork)
Barry Lynch (Kerry)

Brian MacNeice (Armagh)
Sean McCarthy (London)
Joe McCarthy (London)
Martin McClave
Ian McDermott (Sligo)
Paul McDermott (London)
Matt McDwyer
Eamon McElihenny (Derry)
Mick McGee (London)
Declan McGeehan
Mick McGovern (London)
Turlough McGovern
Colm McGurk (Derry)
Paddy McGurk (Derry)
Liam McIntyre
Brian McLaughlin (Tyrone)
Tony McLaughlin RIP (Tyrone)
Aidan McMahon
David McMahon (Clare)
Liam McNamara (London)
Martin McQuinlan
John Maguire (Fermanagh)
Darren Mallon(Armagh)
Dwain Mellor
Alan Moloney
Dave Mulligan
Jim Mulligan (London)
Gavin Murphy (Meath)
Kevin Murphy (London)

Jim Nevin RIP (Westmeath)
Paul Nolan (Roscommon)
Paddy Nutley (London)

John O Connor (Kerry)
Kerry O Connor (London)
John O Dowd (Cork)
Des O Hara (London)
Leo O Hara (Derry)
Liam O Keefe (Cork)
Daniel O'Reilly (Cavan)
Gerald O Shea (London)
Ger O Sullivan (Cork)

Pat Queally (Clare)
James Quinn (Tyrone)
Niall Quinn (Offaly)

Mark Reynolds (London)
Michael Rouse (Tyrone)
Paul Rouse (Tyrone)
Paul Ryder

Ciaran Slane (Tyrone)
Gary Stewart (Tyrone)

Shane Tierney
Shane Treanor (Tyrone)
Conor Tynan (London)

Barry Wallace (London)
Gary Wynne (Fermanagh)

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Committee members past and present of St Clarets GFC

Some notable committee members since 1975


For most, Denis McCarthy is without doubt the father figure of St Clarets, not just with regards to his two sons Denis and John, who played for the club for many years, but also to the dozens of other young players who have represented the club throughout its history.

He was one of the founding members of the club in the mid-1970s and he remained one the central characters in the story, all the way through until his passing in 2005.

A highly talented footballer himself, Denis had a passion for the development of young London-born players. It was this passion, coupled with his vision for what could be achieved with these players, that was the driver behind the formation of St Clarets.

His philosophy was proven to have real credibility, when in 1982, a St Clarets side with thirteen London-born players on the starting team, competed in the Intermediate Football Championship Final.

Seven years later, the club was to lift their first Intermediate crown with a panel containing a dozen home-grown players.

Denis and his wife Rose, worked tireless for the club and also the London Minor Board and they were both involved with many successful London teams through the years. Indeed, Denis was one of the key men behind the London Minor Board’s historic trip to New York in 1987.

Always a hugely popular figure both within the club and within the wider GAA community, Denis’s legacy and belief in the value of home-grown talent will continue to live on, not just through the St Clarets club, but also through the presence of three of his grandsons registered with the club at this point in time: Sean and Joe McCarthy, who are currently on the senior team and Liam Hession, who is currently learning the game in the club’s youth ranks.

A more in-depth look at the life of Denis McCarthy can be seen



Kerry man Danny Collins was one of the famous “Kerry mafia” who were to the forefront of the club when it was first formed in the mid-1970s.

A former member of the Kingdom club, Danny went on to provide years of unselfish dedication to St Clarets, a club that over the course of time, all three of his sons, Brendan, Danny and Eamonn, would go on to represent.

Having been particularly involved in the early days of St Clarets, Danny highlights the 1978 Minor Championship victory as one of his fondest memories, while it was the Feile victory in 1982 in Cavan, that he felt was the club’s finest achievement.

With a keen eye for talent, Danny like so many others involved with the club, feels that Kevin Gilmartin was the club’s greatest ever player, while he holds the contribution of the late Denis McCarthy in very high esteem.

Danny was still actively involved with the club and held the position of Honorary Life President until his passing in 2014.



Kerry man Mick O Shea was one of the founding members of the club and another member of the famous Kerry mafia who worked so hard to get the club up on its feet in the early days.

A passionate GAA man, Mick had originally been involved with the formation of the St Brendans club in 1956, which was also originally based in Hayes.

However, as the number of young London born players grew within the Hayes area, the opportunities for them to play football regularly were reduced, due primarily to he fact that there was only one club operating in the district at the time.

In 1975 the decision was taken to form a new club, St Clarets, which over the period of time developed Botwell Club as its natural home and meeting place.

When in 1982, St Clarets competed in their first Intermediate Championship Final, Mick's son Kevin was on the panel, along with an astonishing 13 other London born players, a fantastic testimony to the club's belief in the value of young London born players.

Of course the player that Mick rates most highly is also London born, and he selects him not just for his outstanding football ability, but also his natural leadership qualities and that is Kevin Gilmartin.

While the person that Mick feels the club owes the most to is his fellow Kerry man Denis McCarthy.

Mick speaks warmly of Denis's energy and enthusiasm, which as always were accompanied by that little whistle.

Mick still holds the role of Vice President within the club.



Mick first became actively involved in the club in 1991, following in the footsteps of his son Colin, who had developed into a fine footballer through the under age and who was also part of the squad that won the 1989 Intermediate Football Championship.

Despite Colin's own involvement being interrupted due to injuries, Mick's dedication to St Clarets grew and grew over the years.

Hailing from Milltown in Galway, a team that were no particular strangers to Championship glory, Keane was to the forefront of the club in 2002 when they appeared in their first Senior Championship Final against St Brendans.

The occasion was obviously hugely important to St Clarets as a club and ranks very highly among Mick's memories, although he also recalls a very famous league win over Tir Chonaill Gaels in 2004, that showed that St Clarets were a team to be feared at the that time.

However, he feels that the club’s greatest achievement in Mick's time with was in winning the 2004 Intermediate Football Championship semi-final against Harlesden Harps, a win which took them one step closer to their third Intermediate crown.

Always a great admire of dedication and skill, Mick highlights the likes of Tony Murphy, John Kelly, Martin Hession, Marty Hughes and Kevin Gilmartin as the best players he has seen in the green and white hoops.

While the person he holds in the highest esteem during his time with the club is the late Denis McCarthy.

Galway man Mick Keane's contributions to the club over the years include periods as Chairman, loyal committee man, staunch supporter, father of a senior player and father-in-law to senior players as well.

Next on the agenda for him is to be the grandfather to a senior player, but he may have to wait 14 or 15 years for that, as Tadgh isn't quite there yet.



Sligo man Frank will probably always be best remembered within St Clarets as Gilly's dad but his input into the club stretched far beyond that.

In the mid-1970s, the so-called Kerry mafia of Denis McCarthy, Mick O Shea and Danny Collins approached Frank to ask if his son Kevin would be interested in learning how to play Gaelic Football for a new team they were setting up called St Clarets.

Despite the obvious love of Gaelic games he displayed in London, Frank had no prior involvement with the GAA, as coming from a Sligo town, he played soccer for a local club. He always joked that he had to come to England to discover his passion for Gaelic football.

Despite his own involvement in the formation of St Clarets, Frank, in typically modest style, would always point to the contributions of others involved with the club, and he always said he admired the Kerrymen who started it all ‐ the Kerry posse, but particularly the commitment and dedication of Denis McCarthy senior.

As for the players who served the club down through the years, despite having an obvious soft spot for his own son's achievements, it was another London born player whom he most admired, defensive stalwart Paul Traynor, who Frank reckoned could 'run forever and man-mark anyone out of the game if you asked him'.

He also spoke very fondly of the arrival of the two young lads from the west of Ireland, Martin Hession and John Kelly, 'who came to the club just when the team needed a bit of something! '

As far as memorable moments with the club, Frank, having been there from the start, had the benefit of being able to recall so many memories and believed that the clubs' under-21 Championship win in 1980 was the club's most memorable moment for him.

Many of the players involved in that team were also involved in what he considered to be the greatest achievement for the club, when four London born St Clarets players played for the London Junior team against Warwickshire in the Junior Football Championship of Britain on 8th July 1984 at Ruislip. Those players were Kevin Gilmartin, Paul Traynor, Eamonn O Shea and Denis McCarthy.



Cavan man John Marron can boast over 30 years of involvement with St Clarets as a committee man and as a loyal supporter and recruiter of players.

Hailing from Shercock in Cavan, Marran's previous involvement with the GAA in London had been with the now defunct Acton Gaels club.

A true worker for the cause, John was very much to the fore of things in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and was an virtual ever-present at all matches and training sessions throughout the Intermediate Championship winning season of 1989, a season that John feels was the most memorable in his time with the club.

Key to that success was the team's captain that year Martin Hession, a player John ranks as the best he has seen in the Clarets colours.

Having been involved so often in the behind-the-scenes activities of the club, it is little surprise that it is the late Denis McCarthy whom John feels was the most influential person he encountered within the club.

John is currently a Vice-President of the club.



Offaly man Charlie McEvoy became involved with St Clarets in the late 1980s and since then has been a loyal supporter of the club.

Charlie played a vital role in the 1989 season, assisting manager Denis McCarthy throughout the season and offering advice when needed.

He was joined at the club in the mid-1990s by fellow Gracefield man Tony Murphy, an addition that helped to write many more memorable chapters in the club's history.

Charlie is currently one of the club's Vice Presidents.



Scotstown man Brendan Sherry has had a long and intimate involvement with the GAA in the Hayes and Uxbridge area down through the years.

A former member of St Brendans, Brendan was also the founding member of the Hillingdon Gaels youth side, from which future Clarets players like Dermot Wallace, Brendan's son Steven and Paul Myers all graduated.

Once that work was complete, Brendan turned his attention to St Clarets and spent several years as Chairman of the club and was one of the driving forces behind the glory years between 1999 and 2004 in particular.

Still a dedicated club man and supporter, Monaghan man Brendan is currently one of the Club's President



The greatest of Mayo man Kevin Lynott’s many contributions to the history of St Clarets is the fact that all four of his sons played senior football for the club through the years, with three of them going on to play senior football for London as well.

Hailing from Ballaghaderreen, Kevin instilled a deep passion for Gaelic games in his sons and that passion has been passed on to the next generation of Lynotts too, with his grandson Colm currently starring in the club’s youth teams.

However, Kevin has also offered more than that to the club and throughout the years he has been a dedicated club man in fundraising, player recruitment, club driver and club supporter.

Kevin is currently a Vice President of the club.



Limerick man Jim is one of the true legends of St Clarets and indeed the wider GAA community in London.

A truly dedicated clubman, Jim for many years was the team's kit man, selflessly washing the gear week in and week out, as well as providing all the refreshments the team needed.

Jim has been present at every success the club has enjoyed at senior level and is held in high esteem by all past players.

A founding member of St Brendan’s GFC, along with another St Clarets legend Mick O Shea, Jim decided to throw his lot in with St Clarets when they were formed, a move that benefited the club greatly.

Jim was a Vice President of the club until his passing in 2014.


Other committee members since 1975

Billy Callaghan
Brendan Curran

John Kelly
Teresa Kelly

Chris Long
Colleen Lynott
Theresa Lynott

Denis McCarthy
Marie McCarthy
Rose McCarthy
Jim O’Regan
Donncha Ryder

Pat Sherry
Steven Sherry
Pat Smyth

Michael Towee

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